Wednesday, March 17, 2010

firecracker game

To celebrate the Spring Festival, will have to get up early in the first two days and fireworks in the compensation of the victim. Here in my families is not a boy, and I'm the big sound of  Bang  afraid. It was authorized by the older sister of each year. But this year is my turn. Make yourself or the mother's sad, I choose one. You know that the first is better. So we have to force myself to get up early and one fire after another and then run away quickly clog the ear. In fact, it's only a game and fireworks, a psychological game.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

depressful results

I keep trying my beast trueSo irony was not my dream to be fixed, but my big change in this review, as depressful have!

We expect all successfully they I've been waiting, I know I can achieve this however, absolutely not let again mom nose again and nothing, but I console myself with a warm hug She obviously felt that I nothing yet Sadder.

These results depressful me in a awkward situation That passive means you can add any points of entry to college examination also me, he said that did not go to college that is based on a dream shoulder I bitter tears, as if no one recognizes MINDAT MEIT deeply rooted in opinion, if approved by the rain, because it is a reaction to the weather, change my disposal, like the sun Outs sorry I do not feel a little nobody Nevertheless think I was just a dream, loss of.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

United Kingdom fell from the sky village 100 starling died on the spot a half

English summer village in Merseyside, Lee Cox, Zhu Li Naite home, surprised to find hundreds of just starling landed her home garden, and they are all mouth bleeding paws curled up, packed a shop, the For example, images of the same terrorist television show. Starling flocks fall At 16 o'clock on March 7, Julie returned to profit in the quiet village of Cox's home, and found this terrible scene, when most of the starling had been dead only a few still in its death throes, obviously a very painful appearance, this strange phenomenon of so many experts are puzzled. Julie is said: "The sky went so far as it began to starling, really like the TV like a terrorist. My one neighbor saw that scenario, flocks of starling fell down from the sky, there are 70 on the spot he died. We called in the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals staff, they will take away some put into a cage, and to the rest of the implementation of euthanasia, a total of just over 100. " Julie at home in the garden this scene with the horror drama "future flash shadows" inside the screen is very similar to that in which flocks of crows falling from the sky in Somalia. Experts could not find any reason for Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Lloyd Scott also said that he had never heard of such a strange thing. He said that these birds died not look like a collision. Starling have their habits, in flight, when they tend to deal only with the neighboring seven birds consistent and instinctive that they will keep their distance from each other's. Starling experts conducted an autopsy, but also failed to draw any conclusions. But found that they all have physical injuries, mostly broken wings or a beak broken, but did not find any to explain the reasons for their sudden death. The only possible explanation can only be one thing to make them suddenly changed the direction of flight, which led them to hit the ground. At that time they might have been a bird of prey pursuit. And this is only a speculation, the fact remains unknown, they are the cause of death is still a mystery.