Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thaidomainhosting provides domain registration, web hosting, email ...

Domain or domain name means the name is registered for use in conjunction with your web hosting as With the Domain Name you can write to the name of your business into your website pages. Through domain names that you can take them with our services. The list will indicate the business to meet your target.
Hosting or Web hosting is the space used to store files.The business of providing the storage, connectivity, and services necessary to serve files for a website. When necessary to offer in volume area of a site would be too much and hosting must look for quality. The stability in use speed of uploading files is important too.

Postfix Virtual Domain Hosting Howto

This document gives an overview of how Postfix can be used for
hosting multiple Internet domains, both for final delivery on the
machine itself and for the purpose of forwarding to destinations
The text not only describes delivery mechanisms that are built
into Postfix, but also gives pointers for using non-Postfix mail
delivery software.

Domain Name Registration and Services plus web hosting and search

Discount Domains is one of the UKs leading domain name registration providers for the and international top level domains. We offer a full range of domain name services including registration, domain management, domain parking, domain reselling, email services, web hosting, web design, search engine submissions and e-marketing solutions.
Discount Domains is also ICANN accredited, which means you are dealing directly with a registrar
Our NEW sitebuilder, free with every web hosting package, helps you build great looking websites without the need for a web designer. A website with your own domain name means people can find you when they need to. Take advantage of Discount Domains outstanding services to establish your online presence.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Servage Hosting - Domain Hosting

A domain new name is always included when you signup for a Servage account. But
it does not stop here! You can actually add as many domains to your account as you
like - even domains that you have purchased elsewhere.
We found that many customers own domains registered with companies who are unable
to offer reliable hosting. We therefore made it possible for all customers to add
up to 1000 domains names to their Servage account free of charge.

Web Hosting UK Domain Names Cheap Domain Hosting from Vision Internet.

Its important to have reliable web hosting for your business or organisations domain name. Having our web servers
located in a world-class data centre with multiple fast connections is pivotal in ensuring that our clients web sites
run smoothly. Behind our firewall, additional security on our web servers helps to keep your web site safe from
unwelcome intruders. All new web hosting accounts include cPanel® which is regarded by many as the best web
hosting control panel available. Spam and virus filtering is included with all email accounts as standard.

Free Domain Hosting

These are a great idea for learning about design, or even for a vanity email ( without the monthly fees. You do still have to purchase the domain name, but honestly the prices for .coms etc have fallen so drastically since I began, its really not a big expense. Godaddy and many others often have specials where you can get a name for around $7 a year! Many of these however will want you to register with them. Since thats their only way of making money, thats more than fair :) Free Domain HostingIncluded with domain name purchase, at the time of this review buying the domain name through them costs $25, a reasonably competitive price, especially since they offer you free hosting with that! Their free hosting package gives you 100 megs of storage, 1GB/month of data transfer, up 10 personalized email addresses (ie., etc.), FTP access, free setup and no monthly or hidden fees.
They also offer many low priced packages if your site needs more space or bandwidth but you dont want to have to spend a lot. Again at the time of this review (their prices may have changed since) their Ultra Hosting package is only $7.95/month and includes 1000 MB storage, 20 GB monthly traffic, 100 email accounts, PHP / MySQL / CGI /SSL / Frontpage etc.