Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free Web Hosts with Free Domain Name Hosting (

Looking for a free web hosting provider that provide free domain hosting? The list of free web hosts on this page will not only host your site for free,
they will also host your domain name without your having to pay anything for the hosting. That is to say, if you have a
domain name of your own, you can
"point" it to your site hosted with these free web hosts
without having to pay an additional charge.
If you are not sure how to go about getting your own domain name, you can check out my free tutorial
on How to Register Your Own Domain Name. You may
also want to read the complete guide on How to
Make Your Own Website so that you have a clearer idea on all the steps involved in creating a site. Pussy Squirt
Note: unless I specify otherwise, all the hosts listed here can be assumed to place advertisements on your website. If you dont want ads, its best
to go with a commercial web host. In fact, if you make any money from
your site at all, go with a paid web host since free web hosts
are notorious for disappearing overnight.
In addition, as a result of this regular stream of free web hosts closing down, it is quite likely that some of the hosts
listed here have already closed down by the time you check this page. If so, please
let me know and Ill remove them. It is also possible that
as a result of the frequent closures, the listing below is empty. If so, Im sorry — I can only list the hosts I know about.

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